Project Description

Serres Du Bourgailh is a 1,300 m² tropical greenhouse located in Bourgailh Ecopark, a popular nature reserve and tourist attraction in the Southwest of France.

The greenhouse includes almost 1,300 different species of rare tropical and sub-tropical plants including carnivorous plants, passion flowers and cacti.

Growing these tropical plants requires a large amount of heat and precise control of the temperature. For this reason they chose to replace their old oil fired system and install a 200kw wood pellet blow heater to heat the greenhouse and a 10.0 ton fuel store to feed the heater.

Pellets are pneumatically fed into the boilers and hot air is then blown through textile ducting into the growing area. The blow heaters are connected to a sensor control system in order to keep the greenhouse at the exact temperature required all year round.

The heater, pellet silo and feed system were all installed by Polypoles, a local installer in the Bordeaux area and all of the fuel for the boilers is sourced from the local forests in Aquitane, helping to promote the Eco Parks sustainable image as well as saving them around €14,000 a year on the heating bill.